Roger L. Simon

The Empty Left

Did I abandon a sinking ship? These days it increasingly feels as if I did. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Nelson says all the left has left is “revenge,” but Belmont Club says he overlooked “conceit.” With all due respect to Wretchard, I think he overestimates conceit as an emotion. It’s often decimated by some good ridicule, which is going on all around us now. Revenge can simmer on for a long time and is best tasted cold, as the Don Corleones of the world remind us.

Still, Wretchard does have a point when he describes the left’s (conceited) blindness in making an alliance with irredentist Islam.

Islam is 1000 years older than the Left; its population burgeoning while the Left is aborting itself into demographic extinction. More fundamentally, any honest Leftist must realize that his movement and its aspirations are rooted in the very West it seeks to destroy. Communist totalitarianism is the doppelganger of secular freedom; and the serpent in the garden must know that the desert, so hospitable to Islam, can only be a place of death for it. The Left may have embarked upon a journey of revenge. They will find suicide.