Roger L. Simon

A Blog Pulitzer...

… goes to Michelle Malkin for pulling off what Power Line calls a “trifecta” by getting Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd (through a spokesman) and even the usually gnomic David Gergen to talk about the Eason Jordan scandal in Davos. Well, maybe not a whole Pulitzer because all she did was make three phone calls. Still, that was seemingly more than anybody in the mainstream media could do. Interestingly enough, Michelle reports Gergen as saying the Washington Post was planning a story last week, but then pulled back. Wonder why… Well, I can guess and so can you. It wasn’t in their interest to report on such things. Might open up an unpleasant cans of worms. Well, guess what? It’s open already. More to come.

UPDATE: Austin Bay has already been pushing this Blog Pulitzer idea here and here. Maybe its time has come.