Roger L. Simon

It's the Golden Globes - yawn...

I wrote earlier this week that the Oscars are not corrupt. The Golden Globes, on the other hand, are — if you count the pique of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association… that group of locust refugees from Nathaniel West that gives the Golden Globes… as bona fide corruption. I learned this the hard way about fifteen yers ago, during my one brush with Hollywood award fame, when Enemies, A Love Story appeared. Angelica Huston, one of the stars of the movie, was invited to a lunch by the HFPA but demurred because she was busy shooting a film and didn’t feel she could take time off. Their members, who have a notoriously ambivalent attitude toward work, felt slighted. Result: no nomination for Angelica or for anybody connected with the film. The Academy gave us three. So if you watch or are watching the Golden Globes tonight, keep in mind this is more than the normal exercise in silliness. Perhaps this year too it will have less predictive value for the Oscars. The Academy is voting early, with nominating ballots due almost at the same time as the Golden Globes.

MEANWHILE: An election update somewhat more important than the Golden Globes.