Roger L. Simon

The Palestinian Personality Disorder

Optimists like me got a body blow yesterday when Palestinian terrorists murdered six Israeli civilians only days after the election of Mahmoud Abbas. But we got an even harder blow from the pathetic response of Arafat’s perpetual porte-parole Saeb Erekat, now apparently speaking for Abbas. “You cannot hold Mahmoud Abbas accountable when he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet,” he said.

Yeah, right. Abbas had been acting Prime Minister throughout the entire election period, pledging that whole time not to disarm the terrorists. Well, he kept his promise, evidently. Sharon had no choice but to cut contacts with Abbas until if and when he gets his house in order. Here’s hoping the US will back up the Israeli PM. The Eurocrats, of course, are another matter.

[Speaking of Erekat, has anyone looked into the size of his bank accounts?–ed. Bigger than yours, I bet.]