Roger L. Simon

Consumer Alert - A Special Post for Parents of College Students

When I read (via LGF) this morning’s letter to The New York Post from Columbia Journalism Review Executive Editor Michael Hoyt — in which Mr. Hoyt asserts “nobody really knows” if the Rather/NG documents were forgeries — my immediate thoughts were for the parents of college students on their way to graduate school.

I don’t know the exact relationship between the Columbia Journalism Review and the Columbia School of Journalism, but I imagine it to be a close one, so I did some quick research to find out what parents would have to pay to have their children “educated” at CSJ. Tuition turns out to be $34,104. Factoring in the New York City cost of living, you can expect to pay well over $50,000 a year. By comparison, the Harvard Medical School has a current tuition of $32,000. Seems like a better deal, to say the least. (Of course, the admissions qualifications may be “slightly” different.)

UPDATE: After reading this, Columbia Journalism would have to pay me thrity-four thousand to attend.