Roger L. Simon

Not Your Grandfather's Lev Bronstein

Ken Livingston, the self-described former Trotskyite Mayor of London, seems to inhabit the twilight zone between cultural relativism and the occult. Of late he has taken to embracing one Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a Muslim cleric who says that the recent tsunami devastating Asia was Allah’s punishment for the “immorality, decadence and perversion” of the citizens of those countries. Well, I guess Allah made his point, although he probably drowned a hundred thousand or so kids too young even to be perverted into the bargain. But that doesn’t seem to bother London’s nitwit mayor in his desperation not to offend reactionary fundamentalists… Anyway,for those interested in this story, the always interesting Harry’s Place has an excellent update.

UPDATE: Via Memri, Livingstone’s defense of al-Qaradawi.