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I rarely quote posts in their entirety (why take up the bandwidth when you can read it elsewhere), but the PS to my buddy Nelson Ascher’s already superb roundup of 2004… [I thought you hated roundups.-ed. I know. I know.]… is so on point, I just had to reprint it completely:


PS: Let me insist again on one point. Who profits from the existence of the UN? Let’s take the five member of its Security Council.

The US? Hardly. It pays the bills while the UN has become an mechanism to try and contain its power.

Russia? It doesn’t care much for it, nor does China.

The Brits? They, probably, least of all. The UK being a honest country, follows the rules, doesn’t use nor abuse of its position which is frequently used by its internal and external enemies to actually reduce its legitimate influence.

Thus we’re back to the usual suspect: France. The UN is an institution the function of which nowadays is to potentialize France’s declining influence in the world. They know how to deal with bureaucrats in general and with Third World bureaucrats in particular, the French. They also know how to set up and how to manipulate already established NGOs. They know how to make rules that are advantageous to themselves and how to bend them when needed. The UN is basically France’s megaphone nowadays.

Who else profits from it? The Muslim coutries who actually act as a bloc and have a little less than 1/3 of the General Assembly’s vote. If we take into consideration that the EU foreign policy is more or less ruled by the French and that their main goal is to implement the anti-American Eurabian project, then we’ll see that the two most important blocs, the Euro and the Islamic one, actually run the whole show.


And what’s the role of the rest of the Third World? Well, thanks to the Eurabian bloc, their diplomats and elites get attention, jobs, positions and so on and, thus, vote along with the Euros and Muslims. What do they have to lose?

Now, let’s see: did the League of Nations have the post of Secretary General? If it did, can anyone remember who used to fill it? Well, that’s where the UN is headed. But it cannot be dismantled before it is unveiled and unmasked. For all the MSM have been doing to prove the opposite, the invasion of Iraq has actually been pivotal in the process of demoralizing the UN, of proving its impotence. The tsunamis will, in a similar way, prove its incompetence. If last year’s main target of the blogosphere was the MSM, this year’s central target will be the UN. I don’t envy Kofi Annan.

(hat tip: Rick Ballard)


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