Roger L. Simon

Iraq - On Location Report

I think it’s worth highlighting this comment posted by Rick W., regarding yesterday’s brouhaha over a question raised to Rumsfeld and later treated by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi as if it were a causus belli for the defenestration of the Sec Def:

I’m an active duty military member (navy), who through details I won’t bore you with is stationed in Iraq, Baghdad specifically. I frequently travel in conveys in and around the Baghdad area. Sometimes within the conveys are “soft skin” vehicles, which I’ve also rode in. It’s scarier, of course, but the mission at times requires it. I’ve yet to see a convoy humvee that wasn’t armored, but I’m sure they exist. I’m not in the Green Zone right now; I’m at a forward operating base still within the city but 6 or 7 miles away from there. The near universal reaction to this current media imbroglio, from guys with me who do everything from escort duty to night foot patrols in the city, has been “shut the f*ck up. You’re in Kuwait, as*hole”, or words to that effect. From a personal standpoint, I think Rumsfeld’s response was great. He didn’s blow smoke up the guys butt, which the troops appreciate.
As far as the question being planted, it’s another example of some d*ckhead reporter with an agenda trying to create news. His colleagues have had countless opportunities to question the Secretary about anything.

The less said about Ms. Pelosi the better, except that the Democrats would be advised to replace her with someone somewhat more sophisticated. What’s more interesting is this is another example of how the blogs help destroy propagandistic nonsense such as what occurred the other day (abetted by a “reporter” in this case) before it can reek all its damage. A few short years ago, it would have gone virtually uncontested.

UPDATE: The real story here.