Who Is More Progressive - Ghazi al-Yawar or, say, Howard Dean?

The Iraqi interim president told CNN the ‘Insurgents’ will be vanquished in about a year:

“Why not? We’re not fighting a Viet Cong, which has principles and popular support. We are fighting Saddam loyalists. … They know they are fighting for a losing battle. The whole Iraqi population is against them. I’m sick and tired of them.


“I think one year from now, exactly, we’ll be very busy preparing for our free democratic election after we have a constitution.”

What an optimist! I don’t know about you, but I like him right away. Isn’t someone like al-Yawar more of an upper than Dean, Kerry, Moore, et al, all of whom seem stuck in the past? The Democratic Party these days sounds a club for depressed isolationists. If they want people like me back again, they should start thinking about the future. But maybe they don’t care.

AND speaking of optimists, I’ll be meeting these guys soon. I’m looking forward to it.


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