Back in the USSR!

Suffering from yet another attack of nostalgie pour le fascisme, the Guardian’s Jonathan Steele predictably warns us of “nationalist” and dangerous “American” fingers mucking about in the Ukraine. (hat tip: Clive Davis)


Meanwhile, on planet Earth (not the Guardian) where most of us understand that no movement is perfect, the real fascists… meaning the Russian Bear… have arrived and are trying to “mediate” the crisis in the Ukraine. No luck so far as the citizens of the country itself still appear vigilant. Talks are now scheduled between the warring sides.

Here‘s where I’ve been keeping up with the Ukraine story in the midst of New York’s myriad Thanksgiving pleasures. On tap for today: taking Madeleine for her first trip, at age six, to the Museum of Modern Art. Will this be forced feeding? I’ll let you know.


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