Roger L. Simon

Important Oil-for-Food Breakthrough

Congrats to the Chicago Tribune for joining the few major MSM outlets to acknowledge the importance of this scandal. Their lead editorial for today begins:

One after another, with the cadence of choreographed mortar fire, disclosures about the phenomenally corrupt United Nations program known as Oil-for-Food–it ranks as one of the greatest financial crimes of all time–are exploding into the news.

With each troubling disclosure, last year’s refusal of the UN Security Council to enforce its 17 resolutions against Iraq after the Persian Gulf war becomes more transparent. To prop up the regime that murdered his people by the hundreds of thousands, and to thwart UN sanctions, Saddam Hussein bribed officials and companies in influential nations worldwide. Given the vast payoffs he funneled to France, Russia and China–three countries with veto power at the Security Council–Hussein had nothing to fear from the UN’s coalition of the bribed. (hat tip: John Ruark)