Roger L. Simon

The Arafat Opera Bouffe Continues - Guts to Open, Trips to Win

That was the killer poker game I used to play in my younger days when I thought I had more spending cash. Evidently Abu Mazan and Abu Ala (what about Père Abu?) are headed to Paris to play their own version, according to Haaretz, and to “announce” the death of Arafat on Tuesday. Debka puts it more bluntly. They’re off to negotiate a deal with La Suha – Arafat’s “adoring” wife who didn’t bother to see the rais for three years but is now holding the purse strings – so that she will allow the plug to be pulled. No more sinister skullduggery was ever devised for the Jacobean stage by Webster or Tourneur. Debka also reports that Moammar Qadaffi himself may be the first Arab leader since Sadat to set foot on Israeli soil for the funeral. Is there a Harvey Weinstein connection?

But more interestingly, what is the French connection? Why have they been so solicitous of the Palestinian Terror Mafioso? Wasn’t one Marie Antoinette enough? Don’t you wish you had your own listening devices?