Bush Not "Down and Out in Beverly Hills"

NOTE: RogerLSimon.com has a secret source highly placed within the California political establishment. He has passed the following information to me. Despite the title, it is no joke. This post is quite serious.


As most have heard, the current estimates of Jewish support for Bush in the election were 25%, up from 19% in 2000. This may be a serious underestimate. The following is only preliminary (more stats are being broken down) but it comes from … of all places… BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – perhaps the most Jewish incorporated city in the state and also the home of many of Hollywood’s supposedly left/liberal personalities (as well as numerous Iranian Jews who would tilt to Bush). Bush’s support in Beverly Hills was up 22 percentage points (more than double) from 2000. Caveat: these stats are still unofficial but they are obviously very significant.

Here is the breakdown for Beverly Hills:


BUSH 42.38% KERRY 56.98% OTHER .64%


BUSH 20.47% GORE 76.51% OTHER 3.02%

I’m sure this is astounding news to the Democratic Party and supposedly liberal Hollywood. My source is now engaged in checking other neighborhoods, including ultra liberal West Hollywood, the central gay neighborhood of Los Angeles, where Bush’s support has gone up 8% on first count. There may be many explanations for this, but it is interesting indeed. I received several emails explaining how the exit polls had undercounted Jewish voters for Bush. That seems to have been true.


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