Roger L. Simon

The Falluja Moment

Talking heads have endlessly debated our actions vis-a-vis Falluja, many criticizing our not taking the fascist stronghold months ago. I am not so sure. What were are trying to accomplish in Iraq is obviously remarkably difficult and complex. In any case, with elections drawing near, it appears the time has come. For me that means turning to the Iraqi blogs for on the ground information. Iraq the Model is on hiatus for a few days, but The Mesopotamian has “Hurricane Jitters” as well he might.

It does not please any Iraqi to see any city or town in our country suffering the kind of fate that seems to await unfortunate places like Falujah and Ramadi; but whose fault is it really? Were not the people in the town given every chance to reform their ways and stop sabotaging their own country, only to have the place hijacked by extremists who turned the place into a safe haven for killers, kidnappers, be-headers and suicide bombers exported to Baghdad and elsewhere? Extremists turned the place into a Taliban like hell where ordinary people were subjected to the most ignominious and cruel treatment, and I refer you to the few reports that came out from inside the town, and also to the letter from Dave (link on the side bar) where he reports incredibly, that some of the residents are asking the American forces to bomb their own houses which have been occupied by terrorists.

The man called Alaa, who blogs as The Mesopotomian, describes himself as a voice of the Iraqi “silent majority.” This agnostic hopes to God he is. But atheist, agnostic or true believer, the foxholes have been dug and it is time for all of us to pray for them.