Roger L. Simon

Marc Cooper is Fine Writer and an even better guy...

… but he has inadvertently explained in a nutshell why the Democrats lost: Could there possibly have been an incumbent more easy to knock-off than George W. Bush? A real-life opposition party would have been insulted to be matched with a such an unworthy and frail rival. The Democrats, by contrast, got their lights punched out..

“… an incumbent more easy to knock-off…?” Marc, who has written an excellent book on Las Vegas (and gambling), needs some lessons in Texas Hold ’em.

I don’t mean to pick on Marc, who is a friend, but this ‘stupid’ meme is pretty… well… dumb and a certain prescription for continued electoral defeat. Another puveryor of this nonsense is William Saletan who wrote the following under the title “Why You Keep Losing to This Idiot”: If you’re a Bush supporter, this is no surprise. You love him, so why shouldn’t everybody else?

Stop right there, William. I am a Bush supporter, but I don’t “love” him. I’ve never even met him. I agree, for the most part, with his policies on Iraq and the War on Terror, so I voted for him. I plan on doing that in the future – weighing the issues and voting for the candidate with whom I most agree on what I consider most important. That’s called democracy. Calling the man I am backing an “idiot” insults me. Do you want to do that? Am I an idiot, Mr. Saletan?

UPDATE: Marc Cooper says I misinterpreted him. I apologize, but in this season of inflated rhetoric on all sides I give myself a pass this once and issue this correction. It’s time for all of us to take a breath and a step backward. Let’s leave the “Death to Our Enemies!” to the votive candles – not that Marc’s my enemy, but you know what I mean. It’s time for us all to watch our words carefully. [Yikes – how do you do that? Stuff is coming out of here at a mile a minute.-ed. I’ll give it a shot.]