Roger L. Simon

Terminate Those Polls!

Vodkapundit’s Will Collier has an intriguing post about his wife’s voting difficutlties in Georgia. Despite a double-digit Bush lead in the polls in that state, she was told she would have a 4-5 hour wait to vote. Collier writes:

Take whatever predictions you read or hear over the next four days with 380 tons of salt. Nobody has ever seen an American election like this before.

True enough. And although the polls are relatively similar, showing an extremely tight race, we could be in for a November Surprise on election day. As recently as the California Recall Election, the polls proved to be highly inaccurate. No one predicted the Governator would win in a blow-out against a large field – except for maybe him. Does this mean I am making a prediction? Noooo…. falta cojones! [You used to gamble like a crazy person.-ed. Yeah, if I could only have half my money back…]

MEANWHILE: ‘Feiler Faster Principle’? Mickey thinks Bin Laden or his evil twin [How can Bin Laden have an evil twin?-ed. Okay, twin evil.] moved too early to affect the election with his tape. Should have gone, say, Sunday night. Makes sense to me.