Roger L. Simon

Hail to Thee, Oh Alma Mater!

How could anyone have been surprised by Harvard professor Ruth R. Wisse’s graciously written piece on bias in academia in today’s WSJ? Still, Professor Wisse provides us with some interesting statistics. At one point faculty contributions at Harvard were running about $150,00 for Kerry to about $8,000 for Bush. That ratio, Wisse informs us, has been maintained.

Being an Ivy Guy myself in the dim, dark past, I naturally scanned the article for news of my alma maters. I didn’t have far to go (second graph). My graduate school, Yale, came in at 93% contributions for Kerry and my ungraduate college, Dartmouth, came in at a whopping 97% (must have been a lone Bush contributor – who was it?).

I guess if anybody up in Hanover’s been reading this blog, there go my dreams of living out my days cross country skiing across the Dartmouth Green while teaching seminars on early Fellini movies. Speaking of which, it’s ironic that three of the most prominent bloggers on the Bush side of the ledger, the lawyers of Power Line, are Dartmouth alums. I joked with their Hindrocket (John Hinderaker) at the Republican convention that we should form a League of Dartmouth Bloggers. We could add into the mix author and frequent commenter on this blog Catherine Johnson, also an alumna of the college. I doubt if we did form such a league, however, it would be anywhere near so monolithic in its ideology as the view within academia.