Roger L. Simon

Depends on What Your Definition of "Useful" Is

The Group of Eight apparently made little progress in their discussions with the mullahs about ending the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

European diplomats, speaking to reporters on condition of anonymity, called the meeting “useful,” but added neither side changed its view of the issue.

The US is angling to put this in front of the Security Council, a potential embarrassment to some of the Euros. Who knows what’s really going on behind the scenes? But shaking my toy 8-Ball, I can almost guarantee the words “Iranian Nukes” are the first message floating to the top for 2005.

MEANWHILE: The Euros are bringing a little of that old North Korean Strategy to the Iranian front, playing the “inducement” game. That should work about as well with Khamenei & Co as it does with that new screen star Kim Jong Il.