Roger L. Simon

Live Blogging the Debate....

I just got off Hugh Hewitt. He’s more concerned than I am with the Kerry suntan issue. Franky, that’s between Kerry and his dermatologist, as far as I’m concerned. On the other hand, Hugh’s point that this and the manicure are an indication of an effete character, well I see his point. Okay, Kerry’s a metrosexual, whatever that means. But is he a metrosexual for me, as John Osborne would put it? I doubt it.

More interesting to me was the gossip the Lileks and all the Northern Alliance/ Power Line crowd were up there in Minneapolis knocking down shooters one for one every time Kerry mentioned (would mention, I mean) Halliburton. They could end up on the floor. No live debate bloggin for them!

But here’s the Big Question – will there be more bloggers or readers? Considering the number of bloggers expected to engage in this stunt… er, process… I can’t give the answer. Time to pour a good Central California Malbec and settle in. [What’re you? Some kind of yuppie?–ed.]