Roger L. Simon

James Does The New York Times...

… in his typical amusing style. He made me think how often now my fat Sunday papers (LAT and NYT) go unread – or a large part of them anyway. Rituals are changing. You go online and see what’s up – a little this, a little that. What’s everybody talking about today? Why restrict yourself to a couple of sources? That’s so 2002.

Of course there is that problem of getting your brunch food in the computer keyboard. But it’s not insurmountable. As WiFi proliferates, someone will invent washable tablets for the brunch table. Bagels and lox or chicken and gravy as you surf. Fresser’s choice. Order ’em online too – just like your news, wherever it comes from.

DAVID FRUM evidently took the NYT blogger article more seriously than Lileks. I am with James on this one – just another voice in the din.

UPDATE: Treacher (more or less) agrees with Frum, as does Eric Deamer in the comments bleow.