Roger L. Simon

Who's a More Partisan Fake than Dan Rather?

Seymour Hersh, of course. Listening to this man go on on the O’Reilly Show tonight about how being photographed naked is a bigger insult to a Muslim man than having his hand cut off (as if Hersh would know or as if all Muslim men were the same) and therefore only a “higher up” would know enough to have ordered this indignity at Abu Ghraib, is like listening to a 19th century Snake Oil Salesman sell scam remedies for rheumatism. (As if this kind of behavior is not a frequent occurence in prisons throughout the world). Shame on Hersh, shame on The New Yorker and shame on all of us for allowing this man to sell his vague accusations, almost always based on unnamed intelligence sources who obviously are whispering in his ear in order to screw their buddies. In this post-Rather Internet Age of serious fact-checking the Hersh’s of the world had better start backing up their “inside” stories with verifiable facts and documents or their names and their fat books will be worthless.