Roger L. Simon

It's Not "The Onion"... It's "The Cincinnati Post"!

Are the editors of The Cincinnati Post illiterate? Incredible as it may seem, they are still discussing the “Bush National Guard Documents” proffered by “Sixty Minutes” as if there were no forgery allegations against them. And their article is datelined today?! Anyone who subscribes to that newspaper should ask for their money back.

It’s not entirely fresh information that President Bush skipped a 1972 medical exam needed if he was to keep flying fighter jets for the Texas Air National Guard, but CBS’ “60 Minutes” has turned the heat up on this skillet.

The White House had previously acknowledged that Bush had his flight credentials stripped because of failure to take the exam. What’s new in the documents CBS has obtained is information that he had a direct order to show up — and just plain did not.

Other documents make it sound as if there were efforts from on high to have Bush’s superiors do unearned favors for the young man.

None of this reflects well on Bush, and those opposed to his re-election say the evidence is mounting about his character flaws.

It will be interesting to see how long the buffoons at The Cincinnati Post leave this up on their website. (On second thought, it’s not quite funny enough to be The Onion. It needs a little tweaking.)

UPDATE: Oops… now it’s Time Magazine that’s gone in competition with The Onion. I knew the newsweeklies were in trouble in the Internet Age but…

MORE: Five hours later and the comedy team at The Cincinnati Post still has their SNL audition up. Time for a rewrite.

EVEN MORE: Another SMASH VICTORY for the blogosphere. The Cincy Post has taken down their silly editorial.