Roger L. Simon

Dance of Death

sealdance.jpgSome news from Sweden these days is darker than a Bergman movie for friends of the state of Israel… or just enemies of terrorism in general. According to this report:

At a time when the world mourns the terrorist massacre in the Russian town of Beslan, the Swedish state agency for foreign aid, SIDA, is subsidizing a conference aimed at finding ways to fund Palestinian terrorism.

The “Palestinian Solidarity Conference”, scheduled to be held in the Gothenburg municipality Culture House starting September 7, culminates in a celebratory party on the night of September 11 – while the rest of the world finds other more sober ways of marking the anniversary of this turning point in the impact of terrorism.

One of the main conference agenda items is action to remove the PFLP, Hamas and other terrorist organisations from the EU’s terror list, so that these organizations can resume collecting money in Sweden and other European countries. Another agenda item is promoting a total boycott of Israel and other sanctions against the Jewish state. A third is developing strategies to explain the need for “armed resistance” (i.e. terrorism) in the struggle.

Nice, huh? I was unable to find an update on the conference on Google News.