Roger L. Simon

Praise for the French When It's Due

There’s been a lot of France-bashing on this site and elsewhere in recent years, but the country that has been so often accused of quick surrenders appears to be holding firm against terror during the present kidnapping. According to Reuters:

A national wave of solidarity for journalists Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot has made it difficult for any French Muslim to voice approval for the hostage-takers’ demand that Paris revoke the controversial [headscarf] law.

Even the staunchest critics of the law, which the National Assembly passed last March despite protests from across the Muslim world, say they hope for an uneventful start to term.

They keep this up and pretty soon we’re going to have to start buying Bordeaux and Camembert again. [Did you ever quit Camembert?–ed. Shhh…]

UPDATE: Ali has insight into why French journalists… of all people… are being kidnapped.

MORE: Hold the Bordeaux. I may be wrong (again!). Check Gabriel Gonzalez’ links below. He lives in Paris.