Roger L. Simon

Live Blogging from the Convention

mayor.jpgAs I type this, the 80-year old former NY Mayor Koch, who just addressed the convention, is sitting three feet away from me, talking to a group of bloggers. Koch is my man. He is pro War on Terror and pro same sex marriage. He is a moral man of guts who, as a lifetime Democrat, was willing to speak in favor of Bush. His great enemy as he says is “hypocrisy.” When asked why more New Yorkers didn’t agree with him, he said, well, this is an ultra-liberal town… “but I love it!”

When I asked him if he would favor a new centrist party, he said he was born a Democrat and would die a Democrat. Then when I asked whether he thought people were becoming amnesiac about 9/11, he dismissed it. I’m not sure he’s right.