Roger L. Simon

The Hits Keep on Coming!

Because of the Kerry/Swiftie conflagration, to a surprising extent the blogs may end up driving this election. Instapundit is not the only blog with his stats at new highs. This one too. And I imagine there are a number of others.

We are on Internet Time and the mainstream media and cable television, although they may pretend otherwise, will be watching us like the proverbial hawks. Heady as this is, it is incumbent on us to be responsible and to fact check others and ourselves. Partisanship will reign as it always does, here and elsewhere, but we must set an example by being up front about our biases. Bloggers are human and therefore not impartial. MSM may act as if they are, but everyone knows better. We must set an example too in correcting our mistakes. Don’t bury them the way the major newspapers often do. Put them on top for all to see. And remember this above all – we are all going to have to live with each other on November 3.