Roger L. Simon

Is This My New Day Job?

I will be on the Hugh Hewitt show again at about 4:40 PDT with Captain Ed of the Captain’s Quarters to discuss Kerry’s response to the Cambodia flap. Evidently the candidate now says he was “near” but not in Cambodia, contradicting his own writing and speeches.

UPDATE: It was a pleasure to be on with Captain Ed and I look forward to meeting him personally. The mystery still continues as to what degree this story will infiltrate the mainstream media. My guess is that it must simply because there are too many unraveling strings. As they say in court, if a witness lies about one thing….

MORE: I noticed some discussion in the comments regarding Kerry’s deferment and how it worked in those days. I am two weeks separated from Kerry in DOB, so we must have been operating with the same general set of rules, although, as I recall, various draft boards interpreted them differently. Somewhere I remember Kerry’s story being that he wanted to go to grad school in France, but couldn’t get a deferment. So he enlisted. My reaction to that is hmmm… But some of my own experience coincides in a small way. I wanted to go to graduate school in France too – to the Paris film school IDHEC to be an auteur. I was informed (now this is a dim memory) that I couldn’t get a student deferment if I went to a foreign university. Since I didn’t want to go Vietnam no-way-no-how-so-help-me-Country Joe, I bit the bullet and went to the Yale Drama School in playwriting instead. (Can you imagine how easy it was to get out of serving then if that would get you a deferment?) So despite his undergraduate speeches, it would seem that Kerry’s anti-war commitment in those days was somewhat less than… ahem… fervent.