Roger L. Simon

Who's a Reactionary? - Part 638

The Politicianus Hackus Americanus can be pretty amusing during a normal electoral season – only this isn’t a normal electoral season. We are at war. So when Sen. Charles Schumer said he was “troubled” by the decision to indentify putatitve Al Qaeda computer whiz Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan, I was more than a little “troubled” with the Senator.

Schumer knew perfectly well what was going on and was obviously whoring around to exploit it. [I thought they cleaned up Times Square.-ed. Not enough.] But let’s review. Several days ago the administration announced a serious terror alert revolving around financial institutions in NY and NJ. Momentarily, some “great progressive” (probably an embittered intell agent) tells some “Sons of Liebling” at the NYT and elsewhere that this is all based on three or even four-year-old intelligence. Never mind that most part time viewers of cable television know that most such terror actions are years in the making, the Sons of Liebling rushed to their word processors in an obvious attempt to take down the administration for ginning up terror alerts during an election. It worked. Running scared, the administration leaked a corrective that was perhaps more than the presserati anticipated. An important informanant was outed early. How early we don’t know. Smart? Probably not, but certainly understandable the way the game was being played.

Now Schumer knows all this, but persists in continuing the game nevertheless. What does a man like this tell himself when he goes to sleep? I can tell you what I would tell him. There’s a perfect Yiddish word for my landsman — schande (shame).