Roger L. Simon

The Real Change That's Coming -- Or Is It Here?

Jay Rosen has a fascinating post on the recent Unity Convention of minority journalists, which had a record turn-out of over seven thousand: “The Crowd’s Reaction Made Some Unity Delegates Uncomfortable.” A high degree of “group think” was apparently in evidence (as it is almost everywhere), but his last example caught me up short:

Group think in journalism education takes no notice of the fact that in most J-schools–including NYU–women are 70 to 80 of the class. Courses are routinely taught with one man or none. That’s pretty unrepresentative. Is it a problem? No, not a problem. When the newsroom is unrepresentative– that’s a problem.

If I’m not mistaken, the stats on law and medical schools are not wildly dissimilar. Get ready. This is a social change much more far reaching than anything to do with skin color.