Roger L. Simon

Pauline Kael Revisited

Double full disclosure: Pauline Kael once called me a “well known author of pop drivel” and the writer of the article I am about to link is an old friend who said kind words about me in a book of his about American Jews (now, alas, out of print). [How’re you gonna prove it then?–ed. My good name, sir. Uh-huh.]

…still… I think Zev Chafets makes solid points in the NY Daily News today, while doing something I wouldn’t have the guts to do at the moment — predicting a Bush victory. The President, after all, seems to have ninety percent of the media against him. Yet Kerry is an odd choice in today’s world. As a Democrat, I would have voted for Lieberman and even considered Edwards, but there is practically no chance… barring some strange revelation… that I would vote for Kerry. nowhere.jpgAnd it is not because of the allegations in the new book detailed by Drudge, disturbing as they may be if true. Ultimately, I don’t care what a man did thirtysome years ago. I have to allow him to grow and change, if I am to allow that for myself. I care about where the man is today… and this man seems nowhere.