Roger L. Simon

Clinton Not Doing Kerry Any Favors

In a DRUDGE REPORT FLASH 2004… this one from the Denver Post, so I guess it’s reliable… young Mr. Drudge has Bill Clinton making light of Trousergate:

Clinton tells the POST he has known about the federal probe of Berger’s actions for several months, calling the news a “non-story.”

But wait… if Clinton has known about Berger’s problems for months, has Kerry? And if so, why did the presidential candidate continue to use the former National Security Adviser as an adviser to his campaign, knowing, at the least, that Berger was under investigation for a serious crime? That would be amazingly irresponsible for someone running for President.

Of course, there is the possibility that Berger informed Clinton about his problems without telling Kerry. That would make the former NSA a real piece of work (if serial lifting of secure papers doesn’t already).

Now there is a third possibility… that Kerry knew and for reasons unknown was powerless to act. But I don’t want to go there except maybe in a novel.

Meanwhile, we wait to see whether The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times… who so far have pretty much ducked this story… will put it above the fold where it deserves to be… or whether they will “pull a Wilson”?