Roger L. Simon

Five -on-One!

I predict that we Laker fans will be a seeing a lot that next season now that Kobe has reupped for what constitutes an unbelievable fortune to everyone South of Teresa Heinz Kerry. How could it be otherwise, with Shaq gone and the likes of Brian Grant on their way? [Remember him?-ed. Sorta. Tallish guy with dredlocks. But about as much of a center as Derek Fisher. You got it.] But hope springs eternal for us fans of course… unless the Kobester ends up in stir after all. Then Clipper seats just went through the ceiling.

Apropos of Ms. Heinz and her fortune, btw, I haven’t had time to study the entire dust-up in the comments started by my late night (and not particularly thought through) post below. But what is most interesting to me regarding the subject is this link to an article by economist Kevin Hassett on corporate tax loopholes. But I don’t feel competent to evalute it. Some others who log in here are, no doubt.