Roger L. Simon

Only the Dead Are Impartial

Am I the only one that thinks The New York Times’ highly-publicized ban on political campaign contributions for its employees is a schuck that does the opposite of what it is supposedly intended to do?

According to Editor & Publisher (linked above): Times spokeswoman Catherine Mathis confirmed that the newspaper was looking into the contribution [$1000 to Kerry] by Elizabeth Stewart, a fashion editor for the Times Magazine, who made the donation on May 20, according to campaign records listed at the PoliticalMoneyLine Web site.

I’m assuming the newspaper’s intention is to preserve an image of impartiality from its editors and reporters (and I guess to get them to act accordingly). But that is, as everyone knows, to put it bluntly, a crock. The Times, you, me and everyone else are in no way impartial (unless we’re dead). I would much prefer their reporters and editors, including Ms. Stewart, to expose their biases publicly by contributing to the candidates of their choice (if they have any). That way we can see where they stand and evaluate their writing accordingly. It’s time for the media… all of it, on all sides… to get out of the closet.