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“Why It’s Too Bad the West Won the Cold War”

Ah, New York! There’s something for everybody.  Even, it seems, for those folks who have dedicated their careers to attacking America and making excuses for the Soviet Union. So I suppose it is not surprising Stephen F. Cohen, the pro-Soviet military historian, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Editor and Publisher of The Nation, should get together this Monday, February 25, for a “conversation about the Cold War.”  The couple (who are also, in addition to their political affinity, husband and wife) are a fixture on the New York scene. The fact that the “conversation” should be taking place at the Russian Tea Room, a tony if somewhat absurd venue, adds a certain dollop of the surreal to the event. Of course  a rich socialist like vanden Heuval would wind up talking about the Cold War in a place like the Russian Tea Room.  What surprised me was that this exercise in left-wing revisionism should be sponsored by The New York Historical Society.  But here you have it: an invitation from the NYHS to its donors to listen to two prominent anti-American leftists talk about the Cold War.  As the friend who sent me the invitation remarked, the invitation ought to have borne the subtitle “Why It’s Too Bad the West Won the Cold War.”