Roger’s Rules

Favorite trash-talking comment of this week

I don’t scrutinize the comments here as closely as I might. But every now and then I notice something special, e.g., this little bijou about “Craven and Pusillanimous at the Chronicle,” my post on Naomi Riley’s rustication from what James Taranto calls the Comical of Higher Education. It provides an excellent example of the intellectual subtlety and rhetorical suppleness of today’s academic Left:

Wow. First time reading this blog and the level of ignorance is astounding. Cultural ignorance, cultural intolerance, and shear racism run rampant here. Mr. Kimball–does it really stroke your ego to have followers who are trapped in such mind-numbing provincialism? Are you really that unsure of yourself, that insecure? Your own post was nothing but a half-witted smear–don’t pretend that it had any intellectual rigor or thought behind it. It was simply the equivalent of throwing out some red meat and turning the dogs loose. You are nothing more than a provocateur, and not even a mentally stimulating one.

Here’s to the steak tartar!