Kimball becomes Twitter conscious

I am slowly getting my head around today’s technology. Facebook is still mostly a mystery to me (though I am beginning  to figure out how to use it) but I became Twitter conscious a week or so ago and have been purveying witty and informative tweets to a grateful world ever since. I didn’t see the point of Twitter, either, until some patient colleagues took me through it. I’m sure this is old news to many of my readers, but for those of you who are innocent of this awesome little app, check it out. Give it a try for a few days.  (It’s like broccoli when you’re a kid: most people have to try it a few times before they see the point of it. You need to give it a real chance: just looking at it once won’t wow you.)  You might be like me and find that it is a useful way to keep abreast various topics that you are interested in. The key is to follow people who are linking to things you are interested in. And since you are this, I presume you may be interested in following yours truly. My Twitter handle is @RogerKimball.  The full URL is


Click “Follow” and Bob’s your uncle!


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