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In 1910, G. K. Chesterton published a book called What’s Wrong with the World. It’s a collection of short essays on everything from feminism and education to politics, property, and optimism. It is a typical Chestertonian omnibus. One essay was called “Folly and Female Education,” which is about what we call Title IX, though Chesterton, happy man, didn’t know it. “I am often asked,” GKC writes, “what I think of the new ideas about female education. There is not, there never has been even the vestige of a new idea. All the educational reformers did was to ask what was being done to boys and then go and do it to girls. . . . [T]here is no boy’s game however brutal, which these mild lunatics have not promoted among girls.”


You said it, G.K.! Just today, I received this press release in my inbox:

“A New Membership Association for School and College Title IX Compliance”

Talk about “What’s Wrong with the World”! Listen:

ATIXA, the Association of Title IX Administrators, launched today. ATIXA [Don’t you love the acronym?] provides a professional association for school and college Title IX Coordinators and administrators who are interested in serving their districts and campuses more effectively. Since 1972, Title IX has proved to be an increasingly powerful leveling tool [Who would doubt it? “Leveling” is the mot juste], helping to advance gender equity [Oh, really?] in schools and colleges.

Title IX’s benefits [Benefits? Benefits?] can be found in promoting equity in academic and athletics programs, preventing hostile environments on the basis of sex [You have to be kidding me], prohibiting sexual harassment and sexual violence, protecting from retaliation and remedying the effects of other gender-based forms of discrimination. [Where is the air-sickness bag?]

ATIXA Executive Director Brett A. Sokolow, Esq., gave the following statement at the launch event: “Every school district and college in the United States is required to have a Title IX Coordinator [How long has this racket beeng going on?] who oversees implementation, training and compliance with Title IX. ATIXA brings campus and district Title IX Coordinators and administrators into professional collaboration to explore best practices, share resources and advance the worthy goal of gender equity in education.”


Blah, blah, blah. “What can ATIXA do for you?” Help you spend money needlessly and pad your institution with malevolent administrators. That’s the real answer. But if you’d like to hear what the Executive Director of this preposterous organization has to say, write or call him: “For more information, please contact ATIXA Executive Director Brett A. Sokolow, Esq. at (610) 993-0229 or email to: [email protected]


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