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What is a turncoat?

So, what is a “turncoat”? Colloquially, it means someone who abandons one side for another. Yet a “turncoat” is not quite the same thing as a “traitor,” someone who betrays his own side. A turncoat surrenders, but does not necessarily betray.

Bill Whittle makes this point, among several others,  in the video below.  The turncoat-in-chief, according to Mr. Whittle, is none other that the chap who seems to have a veritable compulsion to anger, humiliate, and otherwise alienate America’s allies. I refer, of course, to Barack Obama. He began his tenure as President by sending back the bust of Winston Churchill that had graced the Oval Office since the 9/11 attacks. He followed that up  with a slap in the face to  Poland and the Czech Republic over missile defense: they went to the wall, or close to it, for us, Barack Obama threw them under the bus in order to make nice to the Russians. Most recently, of course, he infuriated Israel by suggesting that the route to peace in the Middle East depended on Israel retreating to its pre-1967 borders.  Meanwhile, when Iranian students took to the streets to protest against Ahmadinejad barbaric theocratic regime, Obama did . . .  nothing.

Mr. Whittle expertly traverses this history and more, drawing centrally on  Victor Davis Hanson’s Encounter Broadside “How the Obama Administration Threatens Our National Security.”

I was proud to publish Victor’s important wake-up call and  am delighted Bill Whittle made such illuminating use of it in his exposé.  Watch the whole thing: the iPod moment is worth the price of admission.