Higher Education Bubble: the Contest!

OK, Possums, you’ve been reading about the higher education bubble.  Maybe, if you are a teacher or a student, you’ve been living it.  But have you played the game?

Here’s how it works. You spend up to thirty minutes a day scouring the internet for some new evidence of bubbledom. You post your findings at your favorite blog.  The person who chalks up the largest number of signs and portents in a month wins!

“Wins what?”  I am still working on that, but I am wagering that this team of bubble sleuths will turn up at least one new outrage per day.

To get the ball rolling, let me contribute this scandal du jour, reported yesterday in The Chronicle for So-Called Higher Education.

The headline alone is worth the price of admission:

“In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants Can Be a Plus for Both States and Students”

How’s that again?

* “In-state tuition ”—that would be “taxpayer subsidized” tuition

* “Illegal”—that is, they are breaking the law

* “Immigrants”—but they really are not immigrants yet because the haven’t immigrated, only come here illegally—can be a

* "plus for Both States and Students”—that is, the practice facilitates illegal behavior and employs the minus we taxpayers bear for the plus accorded to illegal aliens and the coffers of the offending educational institutions.