Barack Obama, Comedian

There aren't many humorous headlines today (another assassination in Pakistan, Illinois on the brink of bankruptcy, the national debt tops $14 trilliontrillion!), but here’s one that brought a smile to my face:

"Obama exhorts Republicans to put politics aside."

Yes, that’s right: just as he ends his two-week vacation (I think we ought to start calling Obama “President Holiday”: has any president ever taken as many vacations as he?), the leader of the formerly free world is “appealing to newly-empowered Republicans to resist jockeying for the White House in 2012 and work with him to get the economy growing and the jobless back to work.” Ha, ha, ha! Oh, what a card.

Help him “get the economy growing,” eh?  What better way than to inject a little venom into the temporary extension of the so-called Bush tax cuts he grudgingly endorsed last month?  How about the carbon frenzy his administration has exhibited, using another bogus “environmental” concern to hamper businesses all over the country? (See this depressing story on "the EPA’s War on Texas.") Or, since I mentioned the $14 trillion national debt, how about the incontinent spending this profligate administration has indulged in? Take a look at this:

What the chart fails to communicate, of course, is the staggering reality behind that ascending red line: who among you really appreciates the world-destroying effect of $14 trillion in debt? The President of the United States has two basic, interwoven,  responsibilities: 1) to “provide for the common defense,” as the Constitution puts it, and (2) to pursue responsible fiscal policies.

One thing that  makes President Holiday’s appeal to Republicans to “put politics aside” risible is its timing.  When he won in 2008, President Holiday told us that “elections have consequences” and that he now had a mandate to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” into a European-style socialist state. But when the 2010 election had a rather different outcome, we were told that the election didn’t really signify anything.