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Haters on the March!

Heavens! The extremists are in the streets again.  As I write, racially motivated opponents of Arizona’s new law that is intended to curb illegal immigration are festooning the state Capitol with swastikas — swastikas! — made of refried beans and are planning legal action to block the law  from taking effect. The world’s most buffoonsh political figure, the “Rev.” Al Sharpton, has called for a boycott and is said (though this cannot be confirmed at press time) to be calling on Tawana Brawley to speak at an anti-anti-imigration rally. Naturally, The New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, and kindred media outlets are set to repudiate these new outbreaks of hate and racist incitements to violence, narrow-mindedness, bigotry, etc., etc. Look for it tomorrow on the Daily KOS and other web sites dedicated to rooting out irrational prejudice and exposing the sore losers who don’t understand that elections have consequences and who won’t give a new law a chance but who divisively call for the repeal of the will of the people.

A friend who is visiting Arizona wrote to tell me exactly what was happening:

I see the haters are out there again, up to their old tricks.  Why, there was Al Sharpton and his gang out there in the streets of Phoenix denouncing people who disagree with them in the most vile terms.  Where does this hatred come from?  It’s downright un-American.  Think of it, marching in the streets, denouncing government and attacking laws, using hyperbole and exaggeration.  This is bound to hurt them.  And the worst thing is — they’re calling for the repeal of a law that was just signed.  They won’t even give it a chance, and they refused to compromise before it was passed.  Now, this is doubly un-American: protesting a law, denouncing government, and actually calling for the repeal of a law that was passed by a constitutional majority.  I’ve seen everything now.  I’m sure Al Sharpton and his gang are going to get it in the press for daring to do anything so far outside our traditions of fair play and democratic government.  Where are the leaders calling on them to stop?  Nancy Pelosi should get on television right now to tell them to stop before they hurt someone.  And if someone gets hurt, it will be her fault, also the fault of CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN for encouraging them.  It can’t be long now before Al Sharpton is compared to those nasty tea-party people.

I’m opening a book on this, the Pelosi statement and the Sharpton-tea party comparison: any takers? (Hint: take a page from Goldman Sachs and short them both!)