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More from the religion of peace . . .

So, the Christmas season not only brought us the undies-bomber, it also brought 5 Muslim soliders trying to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  According to The New York Post,


Five individuals were arrested amid a probe into food poisoning at Fort Jackson U.S. military base, Fox News reported on Thursday. . . .

Sources told Fox the five men were detained in December over allegations that they attempted to poison the food supply at the South Carolina base.

They were all part of the base’s Arabic translation training program, referred to in the Army as “Lima 09”.

“Each of them uses Arabic as his first language,” one source told Fox News.

In an earlier report, before the arrests emerged, a military source told Fox News the suspects were Muslims.

You don’t say? What a surprise! Imagine, Muslims, adherents of the religion of peace, trying to poison their fellow soldiers!  Will wonders never cease?

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