Annals of Nausea: Relief is at hand!

What was the most nauseating display of politically correct pap you have witnessed lately? My candidate, hands down, was the “I Pledge” video in which a gaggle of celebrities moonlight as part of Barack Obama’s public relations team.


Oscar Wilde said that a man had to have a heart of stone to read Dickens’s account of the death of little Nell without laughing. Similarly, you have to have nerves of steel not to burst out laughing at this pompous group of self-satisfied narcissists preening before the camera to the strains of pseudo Aaron Copeland pledging “to help end hunger in America,” “to be the voice for those that have no voice,” “to show more love to strangers,” “to reduce my use of plastic,” and — above all — “to be of service to Barack Obama,” “to be a servant to our President and all mankind,” because, after all, being President is “the loneliest job in the world.”

Yes, it’s funny, alright, in a gruesome sort of way, but most sane people will also feel a twinge of nausea as they guffaw at these preposterous people lining up to pay obeisance to the most politically correct, multicultural, apologetic President in history. I mean, really: watching Demi Moore pledge “to be a servant to our President and all mankind” is something that should come come with some sort of Surgeon General’s warning, no? And who was that horrible betattooed chap who kissed his biceps, one after the other, as he reverently pronounced the names “Barack” and “Obama”?

[UPDATE: A fellow cultural pathologist calls my attention to this emetic specimen at the Huffington Post. Your life will not be complete until you watch it, too.]


Well, fans, relief is at hand. For some clever and stylish folks have made two perfect send ups of the most recent stomach-churning performance. They prove that the art of satire is not dead and that ridicule is among the last best hopes for man. “We need to let Big government run our health care,” says one of the actors, “just like the Post Office, the IRS, and the DMV.” “When your child needs surgery,” says another, “is it really the time for hasty decisions? With Big Government in charge, you’ll have a few months to think it over. Emergency surgery? No thanks! Emergencies are too scary.” Says a bemused fellow: “Make my own health care decisions? . . . Why?”

Click and enjoy:

And just to show that their talent runs deep, they have another video, My favorite sequence:

Actor A: If my kid has a bike and he breaks his leg, “my neighbor’s kid should have to pay for it with his own money from his piggy bank.”

Actor B: “How else will our children learn that they’re entitled to other people’s money?”

Indeed. Watch it all: the catharsis will be palpable.

P.S. And let’s not overlook this brilliant contender from PJTV!


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