Rats, Ship

This from the editorial page of The New York Times today:

Mr. Obama’s Promise of Transparency

Hopes for an effective law that would protect the public’s access to essential news from inside government have been dealt a severe setback by the Obama administration.


Uh-oh. And there’s more:

The latest hedging from the White House does not deliver on his promise for a new era of openness.

Gee whiz, guys, do you really think so? And it’s not just the editorial pages of our former paper of record that has been, however briefly, roused from its dogmatic slumbers. There is also “Old Reliable” Frank Rich who only yesterday was lamenting that

We’re not even nine months into the new administration, yet these swaggering, utterly un-self-aware influence peddlers [that would be Obama;s Demoratic lobbyists] seem determined to prove that nothing except the party affiliations has changed in the Beltway’s pay-for-play culture since Tom DeLay.

As Glenn Reynolds commented, “When you’ve lost Frank Rich, you’ve lost conventional-wisdom punditAmerica.”

More and more liberals are feeling it: Buyer’s remorse!


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