Notes from the post-racial presidency

I am sure you are as happy as I was when it was announced that the election of Barack Obama was ushering in a "post-racial" presidency. Thanks goodness! We could at last say farewell to racial shake-down artists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. At last, Black scholars like Henry Louis Gates would be treated just the way his white and Asian colleagues were: no special treatment because of his complexion.

Well, maybe Harvard hasn't received the message that affirmative action is yesterday's policy yet.

Surely, though, the legacy (formerly the mainstream) media has? I mean, they elected Barack Obama. They told us he was here to deliver us from racial guilt. Surely they would help realize that noble vision by accurately reporting stories in which race was an issue.

Just kidding. Of course the legacy media isn't giving up on racial fear-mongering and tendentiousness. It's just too potent an earner for the grievance industry.

I have to say, though, that I was a little taken aback by the depths to which they were willing to descend. Remember the chap who showed up to an Obama speech in Phoenix wearing an assault rifle. White supremacist on the trail of a (partly) black president?

"White people showing up with guns": That's what MSNBC reported in this clip:

Wow. "Racial overtones" or what. But wait. As the excellent web site Ace of Spades (and others) have reported, that clip was carefully cropped to conceal the racial identity of the guy packing heat. Here's some raw footage, as reported by ABC:


Quoth the chap at at Ace of Spades: "These bastards are screaming about racial tensions and they're deliberately falsifying video in order to create more racial tension for partisan gain and ratings?"