Roger’s Rules

Annals of the Nanny State

Watch that snack, Junior! And you, Mr. School Administrator: thought you would foist off something salty, something fatty, or something sweet on your innocent charges? Think again. Mr. Big Government is here again to stop you from giving the kids what they want.

Yes, that’s right, folks, just as New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has banned smoking and transfats, and is even now waging war against the demon salt, so the United States government is getting into the business of telling schools what they can–and cannot–serve in their refectories. If our masters in Washington have their way, “The U.S. Agriculture Department would be given the power to regulate all food sold in schools — including vending machine snacks — when Congress renews child nutrition programs.” Oh, frabjous day! The instrument of choice for this latest intrusion of Big Nurse into a neighborhood near you is the Senate Agricultural Committee whose chairman is Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa. Senator Harkin is a–can you guess? Yes! He’s a Democrat all right. The party of slavery in the 19th century. The party of segregation in the early 20th century. And now the proud party of neo-segregation (a.k.a. political correctness) and every more cumbersome virtucratic over-regulating nanny-state intrusiveness.

When, I wonder, will people rouse themselves from their somnolent habits of dependency, take charge of their own lives, and throw the bums out?