Now they tell us!

White House dampens stimulus expectations.”

They haven’t even extracted the money yet and already they’re telling us poor suckers “not to expect instant miracles from the $787 billion economic stimulus bill he will sign this week, but said it would help eventually.”


Eventually? As in that “long run” about which Lord Keynes said, “in the long run we’re all dead”?

Something like that. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs today said that “the economy is going to get worse before it gets better.”

And what about the 3.5 million jobs the current President of the United States said his spending orgy would “save or create.” (Save or create? What does that mean? How would you measure the saved jobs?))

Oops, now it’s 2.5 million by the end of 2010.

But wait, there is a light, sort of, at the end of the tunnel: “Obama himself said last week that if he failed to heal the economy, he would be out of a job by 2012.”

Delayed gratification, to be sure, but something to look forward to.


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