The "Office" of the President-O Elect

Is anyone else irritated by Team Obama’s insistence on trotting out a placard that says “Office of the President Elect” every time Obama opens his mouth to opine? I was just reminded of this violation of good taste a few moments ago when I watched–and watch only: fortunately, the sound was off–Obama explain why he knew nothing, nothing about Rod Blagojevich, how he was shocked, shocked to discover that such corruption should be abroad in the land–and in Chicago! Imagine that. But getting back to the “Office of the President Elect” sign: Has any previous president-elect gone in for this mode of self-advertisement? Not that I can recall. Perhaps some better-informed reader can tell us whether there really is an “Office of the President Elect”–a real, honest to goodness office so designated, not a “let’s put on a show” make-believe institution. I mean, Team Obama is strutting around as if they already owned the joint and the previous tenants aren’t even due to leave until next year!


It reminds me of that famous chorus from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado . . . Let’s see, how does it go?

Mikado: I’m the President of U.S. . .

Katisha: And I’m the President-O elect!

Mikado: My morals have been declared
Particularly correct;

Katisha: But they’re nothing at all, compared
With those of the President-O elect!
Bow — Bow —
To the President-O elect!

Chorus: Bow — Bow —
To the President-O elect!

I wonder if Obama went in for musicals in high school?


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