View from the F Train: or, the anti-Palin brigade goes commercial

Want to get a taste of how deep the anti-Palin bias is in liberal redoubts like New York? You could open the New York Times and read the shocking, shocking! front-page story that the Republican National Committee spent $150,000 to buy clothes for Sarah Plain and her family while they’re on the campaign trail (and then you might wonder 1) why the DNC didn’t have to do the same for Joe Biden–of course, he already had suitable duds–and 2) why the Times has so far failed to mention that Obama recently spent an estimated $800,000, excluding such details as security, etc., on two trips to Hawaii). You could refer to the Times. Or you could just note advertisements like the one below for Manhattan Mini Storage, which was sent to us by a New York reader who noticed it while riding the F Train:


The anit-Palin brigade goes commercial

Somehow, I don’t think we will be seeing a similar poster about Barack Obama’s lack of experience. There is some commentary on the photo here.


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