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Should Jimmy Carter be trusted with a passport?

A tale of two headlines:

#1: “Jimmy Carter to Meet With Hamas Leader in Syria

#2:”Israel snubs Carter, declines security help

Do you suppose, just possibly, that there is a link between # 1 and # 2? The second story notes “Israel’s secret service has declined to assist U.S. agents guarding former U.S. President Jimmy Carter during a visit in which Israeli leaders have shunned him, U.S. sources close to the matter said on Monday.”

Why would this be? Could it be a deficit of hospitality for a former U.S. President and (like Yasser Arafat) Nobel Peace Prize Winner?

Or do you suppose the fondness for Hamas displayed by the great military tactician and economic genius has something to do with Israel’s chillness?

Hamas, Hamas: what is Hamas, anyway? Well, according to “The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center,”

Hamas, which appears on the U.S. list of terror organizations, currently stands out as the organization leading the terrorist activity in the Palestinian Authority (PA), undermining the “Road Map”, and striving toward the liberation of the entire territory of so-called Palestine from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean Sea by means of violence, terror, and armed confrontation

True, that organization is Israeli-based, so it is perhaps not entirely dispassionate. Here’s a bit from Wikipedia:

Hamas was created in 1987 by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin of the Gaza wing of the Muslim Brotherhood at the beginning of the First Intifada. Best known for multiple suicide bombings and other attacks directed against civilians and Israeli military and security forces targets, Hamas’ charter calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and its replacement with a Palestinian Islamic state in the area that is now Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. The organization is widely described as antisemitic.

Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization by Canada, Israel, Japan, and the United States, and is banned in Jordan. Australia and the United Kingdom list only the militant wing of Hamas, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, as a terrorist organization. The European Union lists Hamas as a group ‘involved in terrorist attacks’ and has implemented restrictive measures against Hamas.

I suppose the jury is still out on whether Jimmy Carter was the worst President in U.S. history. His combination of general incompetence and unstoppable self-righteousness makes him a strong contender. But can even Bill Clinton outdo Carter for cringe-making post-Presidential blundering?